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The deeper your self-realization, the more you influence the whole universe by your subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less you are affected by the phenomenal flux - reachTrees

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Liber ate

Liberation from linear lullabies,
Escape from endless charges and assumptions,
Freedom of mind,
Freedom of thought,
Timeless treasures, lest they be forgot,
My mind, as it seemed, was no longer occupied by my voice alone,
It was kept company with another,
A stranger?
A foe?
A lover?


I was lit by stars that hail from times we do not remember.
Before every great dynasty that has risen and fallen.
Before the moon obeyed the will of the earth.
When there was no mass, only energy.


About trees

trees Ottawa artist
Creativity is Eternal.

That is the central message that trees hopes to share with the world.

After studying a wide array of subjects ranging from engineering to religion, philosophy, and art, I have realized that creativity is the ultimate link to everything that is valued. When we are creative we are happy. Creativity comes in many different forms but fundamentally it comes down to a state of mind.

Creativity is Eternal.

- trees


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