trees laying in clouds oil pastel

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    We give away 10% of our earnings to buy art supplies for underprivilaged communities.

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    We don't just make art, we craft themes with love & passion. That is our winning formula, we do what we love.

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Color, the greatest gift you can give to a blind man. We provide the spice you need every month to recharge your batteries and stay creative - yes there is beauty in the world. The reachTrees Print Project stimulates the epicenter of your being into action for living life to the fullest. Our art-of-the-month experience sends you new works that provide the substance and stimulation for a physiological response unparalleled by any sugar.

But we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We believe in the power of art and are proud to say that 10% of our earnings go towards buying art supplies for underprivileged children. We believe the greatest gift you can give a child is the capacity for an imagination that can elevate them out of their hardships, and into a new world of brilliance and mental emancipation. For just $3 a month you can stimulate their mind and yours.

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About trees

trees Ottawa artist
Creativity is Eternal.

That is the central message that trees hopes to share with the world.

After studying a wide array of subjects ranging from engineering to religion, philosophy, and art, I have realized that creativity is the ultimate link to everything that is valued. When we are creative we are happy. Creativity comes in many different forms but fundamentally it comes down to a state of mind.

Creativity is Eternal.

- trees


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